Water Resource Management

The exhibition area brings together the experts on water resource management and treatment, distribution, sanitation, water efficiency, smart water and new water resources

According to the UN, global demand for water is increasing by almost 1% per year and 80% of wastewater is discharged untreated into the natural environment. These threats are reinforced by the effects of climate disruption (see oxygen depletion, risks related to extreme events, etc.).

The challenge facing water is two-fold. Firstly, it is about relieving pressure on the resource, which involves saving water (sustainable use), water efficiency (fault and leak detection, supply network renovation, etc.), diversification of sources (rainwater, desalination, airborne water), recycling, reusing treated wastewater and so on.

Secondly, it’s a case of improving treatment processes, both in the production of drinking water and in reusing wastewater and returning it to the natural environment. This calls for better management of so-called emerging pollutants. To achieve SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’, investment of USD 114 billion per year would be needed, three times the amount being spent today. 

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The Water sector at Pollutec

Water Resource

  • Treatment – Distribution – Sanitation
    • Water collection
    • Sludge and residual material treatment
    • Water filtering in tap - point of use (carboys, fountains)
    • Irrigation
    • Swimming pool (Equipments for treatment)
    • Biochemical processes
    • Mechanical-physical processes
    • Chemical-physical processes
    • Physical processes
    • Products and consumable
    • Sewage treatment plant
    • Storage 
  • Water efficiency – Smart water
  • Water re-use and saving
  • Consulting, Engineering & Services

Network Management & Process Efficiency

  • Pipes
    • Pipes / Pipe fittings / Seals
    • Sewer inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
    • Sewer and drain construction
    • Manholes / Special constructions / Methods
    • Coating
    • Works, without trenching 
  • Pumps - Fittings
    • Outlets and fittings
    • Pumps, lifting installations 
  • Automation - Smart systems - IoT
    • Integration of renewables
    • Network security 
  • Consulting, Engineering & Services

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