Water Resource Management

The exhibition area brings together the experts on water resource management and treatment, distribution, sanitation, water efficiency, smart water and new water resources

Drought and water stress, floods, the condition of aquatic environments, the condition of water and sanitation infrastructures - the acceleration of change at global scale is dramatically impacting water management everywhere. At the same time, global demand for water continues to increase by almost 1% a year, which is why the question of water security - i.e. the security of water supply - is now a major challenge right across the world.

All this calls for frugal management of these resources however they are used, to improve water usage effectiveness (for example, detecting and repairing leaks and faults) to push for the diversification of sources under acceptable conditions (rainwater, desalination, water recovered from atmosphere etc.), to extend the re-use of treated water, to accelerate the renewal of plants and networks and to better anticipate flood risk in order to mitigate the impacts.

Meanwhile, the question of water quality is also demanding greater attention. Thanks to advances in research, new forms of pollution are being identified at ever lower levels. This is particularly true of pollutants emanating from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors (antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, hormones etc.), PFAS substances (widely used in the 20th century for their anti-adhesive, impermeability and heat resistant properties), and micro- and nanoplastics.

To combat this, the water industry is continuing its process of digitisation, which is sparking numerous innovations throughout the value chain.

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The Water sector at Pollutec

Water Resource

  • Treatment – Distribution – Sanitation
    • Water collection
    • Sludge and residual material treatment
    • Water filtering in tap - point of use (carboys, fountains)
    • Irrigation
    • Swimming pool (Equipments for treatment)
    • Biochemical processes
    • Mechanical-physical processes
    • Chemical-physical processes
    • Physical processes
    • Products and consumable
    • Sewage treatment plant
    • Storage 
  • Water efficiency – Smart water
  • Water re-use and saving
  • Consulting, Engineering & Services

Network Management & Process Efficiency

  • Pipes
    • Pipes / Pipe fittings / Seals
    • Sewer inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
    • Sewer and drain construction
    • Manholes / Special constructions / Methods
    • Coating
    • Works, without trenching 
  • Pumps - Fittings
    • Outlets and fittings
    • Pumps, lifting installations 
  • Automation - Smart systems - IoT
    • Integration of renewables
    • Network security 
  • Consulting, Engineering & Services

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