Pollutec Innovation Awards

What are Pollutec innovation Awards ?

Pollutec Innovation Awards is an international competition to support French and international eco-innovative companies. An operation co-organized with PEXE

Since 2016, the Pollutec Innovation Awards, formerly known as the Innovation Showcase, have been rewarding, among the technological and service innovations declared by Pollutec exhibitors, those with high market potential in the environment and energy sectors.

Why and How participate ?

By taking part in the Pollutec Innovation Awards, the candidate companies benefit from a wide visibility among our visitors and all the participants of the exhibition.


For all participants

  • Visibility in the exhibitor directory with the "innovation" tag
  • Presence in the Innovation book distributed to journalists
  • Presence in the Innovation visitor trail distributed during Pollutec
  • Media relations

For the 12 finalists

  • Announcement of the 12 shortlisted at the press conference before the show and in the press kit
  • Highlighted in a dedicated area at the entrance of the show
  • Presentation during a pitch session announced in Pollutec’s official programme
  • Brochures describing the innovation and the company issued to the whole manufacturers and local authorities forming the jury of major’s accounts.
  • Option to use the “Pollutec Innovation Awards 2023 – Nominee” flash in your communications.

For the 3 laureates

  • Option to use the reference “Pollutec Innovation Awards 2023 – Winner” in your communications.
  • Participation to the next Pollutec (dates to be confirmed), fitted a turnkey solo start-up offer 2023.
  • One entry to the 2024 National Eco-Enterprise Forum organised by PEXE-French eco-companies’ network.
  • Targeted Pollutec 2023 press relations

Selection process


The jury is made up of French and international public and private market stakeholders. These include representatives of cities, local governments and industries.

The role of the jury is to evaluate the innovations' potential with regards to specific market requirements.

To assess each candidate, the jury uses a pre-defined grid of criteria.


The final evaluation takes the form of a public pitch session during Pollutec.

Each candidate must perform a 5-minute presentation in front a jury of top buyers and investors.

At the end of the presentation (3 slides), the jury then procedes to a short Q&A with the candidate. The laureates are announced after assessing the jury's evaluations and deliberations.

2023 Schedule

  • July 31:
    Deadline for declaring innovation – completing entry.
  • Septembre 22:
    Aannouncement of the innovations shortlisted (12) for the final phase taking place during the show.
  • Octobre 12 :
    Morning, final pictch session on Pollutec in Lyon.
    Afternoon, awards ceremony

Relive the 2021 edition


WeeeCycling has developed a process to produce high-purity copper from factory waste.

Cycl-Add produce which produces new recycled plastics by strengthening their properties and stabilizing.

Follow-up > see the interview

Circular Materials Srl has developed a process to recover heavy metals in water. This technology should be extended to hydro-metallurgical processes such as battery recycling

Follow-up > see the interview

A special jury prize was awarded to Sakowin Green Energy for its innovative solution to produce hydrogen on site, on demand, without CO2 emissions and at a competitive cost. The system produces hydrogen gas and solid carbon from methane.

Videos of pitches and awards

Pollutec Innovation Awards pitches


Success stories from the Pollutec Innovation Awards


Circular Materials' technology enables metal residues to be recovered from water. A process that is particularly useful for industrial companies and their wastewater treatment.

Andrea Campiglio, co-founder of Circular Materials and winner of the Pollutec Innovation Awards 2021, explains how this award has increased his credibility with investors.


"Since we participated in Pollutec, no-one has ever called our technology into question".

Cycl-add has developed a chemistry that enables the recycling of plastic waste. It was the winner of the Pollutec Innovation Awards 2021.

Its President, Hervé GUERRY, recounts how he established 200 new contacts at the 2021 exhibition.


Winner of the “La Vitrine de l’Innovation” prize at Pollutec 2018, NEREUS - BioEnergy & Water has since obtained many spontaneous leads.

The company extracts and recycles very high quality water from difficult resources such as waste water, methanisation sludge, agri-food and farm effluents, and microalgae.

Applying to the Pollutec Innovation Awards

In order to apply for the Pollutec Innovation Awards 2023, you should be a registered exhibitor.