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According to the European Commission, half of total greenhouse gas emissions and over 90% of biodiversity loss and water stress derive from the extraction and transformation of resources. For example, France itself consumes 800 million tonnes of materials and produces 350 million tonnes of waste, of which over a third is not recycled. So the move to a more circular economy is becoming essential. We must simultaneously reduce the pressures on resources, actively reduce carbon emissions and limit biodiversity loss, whilst also limiting our own dependence within some industries.

Changing our patterns of production and consumption means greater emphasis on eco-design so that the recyclability of products and packaging is improved. As a case in point, at the start of 2022 Europe indicated its plan to make sustainable products the norm. This is also achieved through pursuing efforts aimed at modernising waste centres, particularly via robotics and digitisation. And this implies greater effort in the recycling sector, particularly for biowastes, critical metals, construction wastes, plastics and textiles. Other recycling facilities are starting to appear, such as those for batteries or those related to renewable energy production (solar modules, wind turbine blades etc.).

The question of the quality of primary materials derived from recycling, together with the setting-up of new facilities for EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) constitute further key points the sector must address.

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