Instrumentation, Metrology, Analysis

The exhibition area brings together the experts on instrumentation, metrology and analysis for automated process control and pollution control

Air, water, soils, wastes, noise - but also GHGs, emerging pollutants, lighting, intelligent networks, biofuels, energy recovery, hydrogen, identification of mineral resources deposits and more - metrology is fundamental to every sphere related to environmental protection and climate. The subject of ongoing research, developments in this field concern both the instruments and the methods and techniques implemented. Tools are becoming ever more compact, precise, intelligent, autonomous and connected, as well as much more efficient in terms of energy or reagents used, because of an ecodesign approach.

Alongside this, two sectors continue to boom: space applications, and drones. For example, the SWOT satellite launched at the end of 2022 will be able to assess and track river flows and freshwater stocks at global scale, through measurement of continental water surface heights. For their part, drones are seeing multiple new applications in many areas. In the Sea and Coastline sphere for example, it has necessitated the development of a specific body of legislation at the end of 2021 (maritime drones and autonomous vessels).

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