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Contaminated Sites and Soil

The Contaminated Sites & Soil sector brings together the experts on analysis, remediation and decontamination of contaminated sites and soil

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Among the many challenges characterising the soil remediation market are the rehabilitation of brownfield sites, estimated at some 2,400 in France, the possible environmental uses for such sites (solar parks, land restoration, etc.), certification, improved pollutant detection and process digitalisation. Added to this is the development of new markets such as nuclear decommissioning and pyrotechnic decontamination.

Moreover, while in France 7 to 10 million tonnes of earth is managed or treated each year (75% of which is sent to landfill), the Grand Paris project alone accounts for nearly 45 million tonnes. It is hardly surprising therefore that the industry is keeping a close eye on the draft decree for the removal of excavated soil and sediment from waste status. Note also that a label for recycling excavated earth was launched in early July 2019 by Federec and Seddre (RecyTerre label).

The soil remediation market is projected to grow by an average of 2% per year by 2021, compared to an average of 4.4% between 2015 and 2018. 

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160 Exhibitors
45 Conferences
1 Experts Village (with UPDS)

Contaminated sites and soil at Pollutec

Equipment, hardware and products

  • Linings and coatings
  • Other equipments for site remediation and soil cleanup
  • Sampling tools (soil gas, soil water, soil)
  • Geophysical tools
  • Pumps and injection proves
  • Probing and drilling (Units and tools)
  • Earthmoving and stabilization techniques

Consulting engineer, design office, engineering firm

  • Diagnostic - Audit
  • Oversight assistance
  • Project management
  • Design study
  • Engineer for the works


  • Soil analysis
  • Ground water treatment (table)
  • Analysis, Measurement, Monitoring Laboratories
  • Sites remediation / Decontamination works
  • Monitoring
  • On site treatment
    • Biological
    • Containment, insulation
    • Physicochemical 
    • Phytoremediation
    • Thermal
  • Ground treatment with excavation
    • Biological (Traitement)
    • Containment, insulation
    • Physicochemical
    • Thermal 

Partners of the sector

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Energy / Sustainable City / Smart City/ Biodiversity / Risks/ Contaminated Sites and Soils Manager

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