Description 2

AAA Area

Africa - Asia - Latin America
Developping Countries

The dedicated area where international visitors can showcase their projects / solutions to investors / exhibitors, with a focus on African, Asian and Latin American countries.

Pour qui ?

 Delegations and international visitors

 Investors, exhibiting companies interested in international projects


Over the 4 days of the event, Hall 4

Learn more about the Africa, ASEAN and Latin America Areas 

City/Business meetings with Cities and Regions' general and technical services

Meetings with local governments
City/Business Speed-dating

Qualified meetings between local government representatives and companies, as part of the Circular Economy Summit.

Pour qui ?

 French and international Mayors and local government representatives

 International industrials delegations

 Exhibiting companies


Over the 4 days of the event, on the dedicated area, Hall 6

Learn more about the Summit 

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