A common challenge for economic players

  • Ambitious French and European targets for recycling and reducing plastic waste and packaging
    2025: 100% of plastic to be recycled (France)
    2030: 100% of plastic to be recycled (European strategy)
  • Investment in new opportunities, practices and innovative technologies
    (bioplastics, recycling R&D etc.).
  • Voluntary cooperation
    in a value chain for the plastics economy (project to obtain signatures for Green Deals known as ECVs in France; Enterprises-European Commission multi-party agreements; European strategy for plastics etc.).
  Priorities with strong resonance

  • Treating and preventing the health and environmental impacts of plastic wastes
    The oceans are now a significantly degraded habitat, threatening the future of marine ecosystems and their biodiversity. The Pollutec "Sea and Coastline" area, launched in 2016, will continue to inform action and cooperation to combat and prevent at early stages inland aquatic and marine pollution, consisting mostly of solid and microscopic plastic waste.
  • Organising the circular transition of the plastics economy
    (Circular Economy French Roadmap; European Circular Economy action plan...) within a global context and evolutionary local frameworks.
  Pollutec's multi-sector, multi-player privileged context

  • The recycling sector in the front line
    to instigate and support objectives, strategies and markets development.
  • Eco-industries
    associated in the wide challenge to combat and prevent plastic waste pollution.
  • Global and cross-cutting approaches highlighted in the sustainable cities and industries zones
    together with the agricultural focus (indicating the current limits of agricultural plastics recycling), which cover both the civic and the industrial aspects of a new circular economy for plastics.
  • Development opportunities
    for relocating plastics recycling and materials value chains, increasing polymers performance into products benefiting energy efficiency in the global economy, and observing wise uses of plastics materials.

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