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    The Biodiversity and natural environments sector brings together ecological engineering professionals with equipment, materials and products that have a lower impact on our planet, as well as professionals specializing in the prevention and management of oceans and coasts.

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    "Preparing a resilient future in the face of natural disasters" on the Pollutec 2016 TV set
    The four regional reports of the IPBES published at the end of March have confirmed that biodiversity and ecosystem services are continuing to fall dangerously in all regions of the world.

    At issue are the many common pressures, with the over-exploitation and unsustainable use of natural resources, pollution (air, soil, water), the increasing number of invasive exotic species, the impact of climate change. All this endangers the economies, livelihood, food safety and life quality of populations around the world.

    The UNO 2018 global report on the water development, also published at the end of March, highlights solutions based on nature. A tool created by CDC Biodiversité – the Global Biodiversity Score – is used to measure the impact of economic activities on biodiversity.

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    Ministère des affaires étrangères PEXE UPGE A-IGECO

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