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    Pollutec 2018 offers a vast and unique array of solutions and technologies for the management of air quality, odours and noise, including treatment equipments and processes for odour compounds, VOCs and polluting gases, transport and removal of gases and smoke and air purification consumables.

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    • Treatment of odorous compounds, deodorization

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    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) treatment

    • Transporting and extraction of gas and smoke

    • Treatment of gaseous pollutants

    • Air pollution control agents

    • Particle treatment and dust removal

    • Treatment of interior air

    • Noise

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    ENERGY - CLIMATE - AIR QUALITY Innovations on the Pollutec 2016 TV set
    This market is strongly linked to the developments in legislation and standards. In addition to smoke treatment systems, it includes flue-gas desulphurization equipment, selective catalytic reduction equipment for nitrogen oxides and dust filtering systems.

    In France, indoor air may be five times more polluted than outdoor air. In this field, certain traditional solutions have been redefined (e.g.: air purification by ionization). Other solutions are being studied (e.g.: passive filter technologies, cold plasma systems able to break up the pollutants, etc.).

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