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    Pollutec 2018 offers a unique array of technologies and services for waste management, cleaning, recycling and reuse for the industry, cities and building professionals.

    2018 Exhibitors

  • Waste exhibition sectors on Pollutec

  • Recycling - Reuse - Materials

    Recycling - Reuse - Materials

    • Recycling, Reuse & Recovery

    • Eco- and bio-materials

    • Consulting, Engineering & Services


    Waste Treatment

    • Equipment, Hardware & Products

      Tipping, dumping
      Biological treatment / Composting fermentation
      Mechanic treatment
      Thermal treatment

    • Consulting, Engineering & Services


    Collection - Cleaning - Cleansing

    • Vehicles - Logistics (handling, storage)

      Refuse collection containers
      Maintenance / Handling
      Vehicles, superstructures

    • Cleaning & Cleansing

      Small items and accessories

    • Consulting, Engineering & Services

  • Gallery

  • Pollutec's added value on the sector

  • Recycling Village (organised by FEDEREC)

    Conference Forum

    Innovation Hub

  • Business Meetings

    Projects Detection Platform

    Sites visits

  • « With the trend towards a linear economy, the recycling sector is looking for differentiating factors. Pollutec is a perfect fit with this new message in the recycling sector. It will demonstrate that waste is also a resource, and that it should thus be seen as a positive factor for the environment. »

    Jean-Philippe Carpentier, CEO, FEDEREC

  • Market Trends

    Waste and material exploitation on the Pollutec 2016 TV set
    The waste management market is experiencing unprecedented change: based for a long time on high volumes, it must now deal with a reduction in collections. At the same time, new requirements for support and consultancy are emerging in the municipalities to respond to the development of smart cities and the circular economy.

    The recycling of materials is still dependent today on the prices of metals, plastics and papers. However, to increase the demand of manufacturers for recycled products (i.e. to develop a real sector), these recycled products must not only be competitively priced compared to the raw materials, they must also offer a high quality.

    Meanwhile, the fields of collecting, cleaning and pressure washing, are essentially characterised by the integration of new types of vehicle engines, the development of combined equipment and the increasing use of new technologies, more especially to optimise routes.

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