Show Sustainability

  • Show Sustainability

  • For many years now, the team that organizes the Pollutec exhibition has made reducing the event’s environmental impact a cornerstone of its logistics. A list of the steps taken is given below.

  • Booth reuse

    From setup to breakdown, the organizers recover as much recyclable waste as possible and send it to a recycling center:

    - During setup: wood, cardboard, metals
    - During the show: glass, paperboard, common industrial waste
    - During breakdown: wood, cardboard, paper, metals, aisle carpets

    Food service

    The center’s fixed-site catering services practice a policy of responsible food service, which includes the following:

    - Locally sourced and organic fruits and vegetables
    - An on-site production unit that makes 8,000 sandwiches a day
    - Organic waste recycling
    - Recyclage du carton
    - Cooking oil recycling by Bioval’huiles
    - A policy for recycling unsold organic products through a local association, “Le chaînon manquant”
    - Dishes and packagings are in renewable material and are eco - compostable (paper, cardboard and wood)
    - A local à la carte cocktail reception
    - A system for sorting cups based on type of material

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