Circular Economy Summit

  • International Summit for Cities & Regions
    driving the Circular Economy


    Lyon, France
  • The Summit programme is structured around site visits, business meetings, plenary sessions and workshops; the content of which is based on the 52 circular economy projects received via the call for manifestation of interest, open from May to October 2018.

  •    Tuesday 27 November

    Site visits

    Departure from Eurexpo at 13.30

  •      14:00 - 16:00
        Site visits #1
         Lyon Metropolis

    Saint-Jean district of Villeurbanne

    Packaging reduction, sorting and waste recovery, composting, repairing: the circular economy is inclusive by creating social bonds and jobs

    The long-term unemployed zero territory project is a national experiment in 10 territories in France that aims at solving long-term unemployment. In the Saint-Jean district of Villeurbanne, the company EmerJean was created in March 2017 and today employs 72 people,. On the one hand, local voluntary jobseekers accept to be accompanied to return to a sustainable professional activity in the company EmerJean based on their know-how and their professional aspirations. On the other hand, new useful activities get created to meet the needs of the inhabitants and businesses of the territory.

  •      16:30 - 18:30
        Site visits #1
         Lyon Metropolis

    Carré de Soie

    From inert soils to materials creation and space occupation: the circular economy spreads out over the entire value chain of urban planning which represents the largest waste production

    The urban project of the Carré de Soie signs the ambitious transformation of a 500 ha territory including mutable 200 ha, in the municipalities of Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin. The presence of large land reserves in a sector that is today particularly well connected makes it a major center of urban development in the city, both in terms of economy and housing. The urban project Carré de Soie has been engaged for two years in a circular economy approach related to urban planning and development: how to preserve and enhance local resources, create "new loops" and how to create, from planning and processing, new ways of doing things? 3 visits will illustrate this approach:

         Minéka is a social and solidarity-based enterprise project with a strong social and environmental dimension, which links a pool of building materials for re-use to professionals and individuals.
         TASE: reuse of materials and fertile land on the development of the TASE esplanade of the former TASE factory (installed in 1924).
         L'Autre Soie: an ecosystem of stakeholders that prefigures the project of the circular economy applying to the building sector.

  •      14:00 - 16:00
        Site visits #2
         Lyon Metropolis

    Chemistry Valley

    By transforming waste, from inert soils into resources, fertile land and biomass, the "productive landscape" is a local and innovative circular economy loop

    Lyon's third largest employment center, the Chemistry Valley is home to nearly 46,000 jobs, particularly in the industrial, logistics and waste processing sectors. This high economic value mission has been recently strengthened focusing on an ambitious approach developed by the public and private sectors and stakeholders in the area: the “APPEL DES 30!” (“Call of the 30 Ones”) a call for projects which aims at strengthening the industrial ecology potential of the Lyon Vallée platform..

    Among the areas concerned by this call for projects, the recovery of industrial wastelands and the development of a sector related to the "productive landscape" and “soils ecological remediation” were put forward by Lyon Metropole and its partners. The foundation which is still running of six new companies connected to these fields allows the development of a brand new "productive landscape" economic sector. It comes to complement the existing initiative of the phyto-center project (carried out by SERPOL - SERFIM group and the VICAT cement manufacturer) which is part of this dual issue of circular economy and industrial wastelands treatment.

  •      16:30 - 18:30
        Site visits #2
         Lyon Metropolis

    Sergent Blandan public park

    The use of on-site recovered materials to develop the park has not only prevented the removal of virgin material and the production of waste, but has also saved 3 million euros

    The reuse of in situ materials during the development of the new Blandan Park on the site of some former military barracks is based on 3 components:

    The use of demolition materials for the construction of several parts constituting the lay-out of the project such as platforms and/or ramps for persons with reduced mobility.
    The use of demolition small scale waste for the achievement of fertile soil on fertile gravel areas.
    The conservation and recovery of stones of high quality value for the construction of furniture on the upper area of the park (picnic tables and seats, children playground compounds).

  •    Wednesday 28 November

    Circular Cities & Regions Summit

  •      10:00 - 11:30
         Opening session
         La Tribune

    Circular Economy on the Agenda of Local Leaders worldwide

    This session will shed light on the reasons for local goverments worldwide to get behind a circular economy agenda. Participating leaders will share their plans and expectations for ultimately reducting environmental impacts, limiting climate warning and holding the promise of new schemes of prosperity.

    Moderator: Marion Guenard, "Sustainable Cities" Project Manager, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

    Introduction: David Kimelfeld, President, Lyon Metropolis, France

    Peder Jensen, Head of Secretariat, IRP (International Resources Panel), UN Environment
    Françoise Bey, City Councilor delegate to Environment, Strasbourg Eurometropole, France
    Armand Beouindé, Mayor of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
    Kaizhang Zeng, Deputy Secretary General, Guangzhou Municipal Government, China
    Sergey Levchenko, Governor, Region of Irkutsk, Russian Federation
    Stuart Ferguson, Head of Investment, LWARB (London Waste and Recycling Board), UK

  •      11:45 - 12:45
         The Ring

    Pitch sessions by circular economy entrepreneurs and startuppers

    Clean City - Mohsin Bour Qaiba
    Clean Up - Eléonore Blondeau
    Eco-Mégot - Erwin Faure
    Heliosmart - Charles-Antoine de Theux
    Ecovalim - Clémentine Boschiero
    Tryon - Jimmy Colomies
    Waga Box - Laurent Barbotin

  •      12:15 - 13:00
         Sustainable City & Region Forum

    Territorial Economy

    Moderator: Amandine Crambes, ADEME (French Energy and Environment Agency)

    Pévèle Circulaire - Communauté de Communes Pévèle Carembault
    - Solène Doubliez, Circular economy coordinator, communauté de communes Pévèle-Carembault
    - Sébastien Deviers, Business development director, communauté de communes Pévèle-Carembault

    CLES (Local and Environmental Cooperation in Synergies)
    - Françoise Bey, Environment assistant, Strasbourg Eurométropole
    - Thomas Coëffic, Green economy manager, business development and attractiveness directorate, Strasbourg Eurométropole

    Lyon Chemistry Valley: Metropolitan Energy Plant, Lyon, France
    - Fabien Bordon, Sustainable development project manager, Mission Vallée de la Chimie
    - Caroline Prieur, Industry project manager, Mission Vallée de la Chimie

    From Ile de France region metabolism to circular economy territorial strategies: support, lessons and recommendations for the territories - IAU / ARENE
    - Thomas Hemmerdinger, Territorial/circular economy process project manager, IAU (Institute of Urban Planning and Urbanism) Ile-de-France; Energy climate department, ARENE
    - Cristina Lopez, Economist, IAU Ile-de-France

  •      12:15 - 13:00
         Energy Forum

    Resources and Materials Management

    Moderator: Denis Cocconcelli, CIRIDD (International Centre for Resources and Innovation in Sustainable Development)

    IWA principles for water responsible cities - ASTEE
    - Carine Morin-Batut, General Director, ASTEE (Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment)

    API - Innovative peri-urban agriculture, Rhône Agriculture Chamber
    - Gérard Bazin, President, Chambre d’Agriculture du Rhône
    - Antoine Duperray, President, Mixt Hydraulic Agricultural Syndicate of the Rhone
    - Bruno Charles, President, Mixt Hydraulic Agricultural Syndicate of the Rhone

    Biotubes: innovative ecological engineering for regenerating urban wasteland into natural areas – Valhoriz
    - Estelle-Hedri, Technical Engineer, Valorhiz

  •      12:15 - 13:00
         Risks Management Forum

    New uses and lifestyles

    Moderator: Anne-Gaëlle Courty-Ahmed, Programme Coordinator, Pollutec

    Project for developing micro gardens in the city of Dakar - City of Dakar
    - Mohamed Ndoye, Technical agent, member of the management and coordination unit for the micro gardening project, City of Dakar (Senegal)

    Free floating electric vehicles service - Green Mobility
    - Anders Wall, Chief International Officer at GreenMobility (Danemark)

    Support for entrepreneurial projects to test new business models - Lyon Metropolis
    - Emeline Baume, Consultant for Lyon Metropolis, Waste prevention and circular economy delegate

  •      15:00 - 15:45
         Sustainable City & Region Forum

    Territorial Economy

    Moderator: Nathalie Boyer, Association OREE for Territories and Entreprises

    Creation of an association for economic development through the circular economy - SMICVAL, Association Nouvel’R
    - Sylvain Guinaudie, President, association Nouvel’R
    - Eric Buffo, President, SMICVAL - Syndicat Mixte Intercommunal de Collecte et de Valorisation du Libournais Haute-Gironde

    Establishing industrial synergies in Quebec - Synergie Québec
    - Julien Beaulieu, Researcher in charge of industrial synergies, Synergie Quebec

    France Barter
    - Grégoire Bauer, associate, France Barter

  •      15:00 - 15:45
         Energy Forum

    Resources and Materials Management

    Moderator: Amandine Crambes, ADEME (French Energy and Environment Agency)

    Works on artisan worksite waste management - ASTEE
    - Carine Morin-Batut, General Director, ASTEE (Scientific and technical Association for Water and the Environment)

    - Marc Ferrieux, Co-Founder, OuiCompost

    Circular Economy in Mahajanga - Gevalor
    - Eva Ah Kow, Director of relations with elected representatives and International Cooperation – SYCTOM, domestic waste metropolitan agency
    - Jocelyne Delarue, Director of the NGO Gevalor

  •      15:00 - 15:45
         Risks Management Forum

    New uses and lifestyles

    Moderator: Maud Lelièvre, Les Eco-Maires

    Deploying 5 complementary offers in waste disposal centres to facilitate user recycling and encourage reuse - Lyon Metropolis
    - Emeline Baume, Consultant for Lyon Metropolis, Waste prevention and circular economy delegate

    La Fabuleuse Cantine - Saint-Etienne
    - Eric Petrotto, Development manager and co-founder, La Fabuleuse Cantine

    Vacances 0 Déchet: Creation of a network of collection boxes in 30 camp sites on the Vendée coast - 5 inter-communal bodies / 41 municipalities along the coast and inland coastal areas of Vendée
    - Romaric Lesaint, Waste prevention leader, communauté de communes du pays de Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie
    - Elected representative, pending confirmation

  •      16:00 - 17:30
         Closing session
         La Tribune

    Circular Economy: a Roadmap for Local Leaders, Businesses and Citizens

    This session will focus on specific pathways adopted by local leaders in local planning infrastructure, policy, taxation and attractiveness accross territoria functions, to ensure circular economy becomes effective and profitable to all stakeholders and ultimately for the planet.

    Moderator: Hannah Rothschild, City-Business Collaboration, ICLEI international Network – Local Governments for Sustainability

    Emeline Baume, Councillor Delegate to Waste Prevention and Circular Economy, Lyon Metropole (France)
    Eric Fournier, Vice-President to Environnement, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region (France)
    Agnès Langevine, Vice-Presidente to the Energy and Ecology Transition, Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Waste, Occitanie Region (France)
    Ranjani Prabhakar, Energy Policy Manager, Office of the Mayor, Chicago (Illinois), USA
    Ulrich Sauerland, Adviser in Recycling Economy and Waste Management and Planning, Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Preservation, Rhineland- North Westphalia Land (Germany)
    Ragnhild Borchgrevink, Director, VEAS – Oslo multi-communal territory (Norway)
    Guillermo Alfonso Jara Millo, Mayor of Ibague (Colombia)

  •    Wednesday 28 November

    Business meetings

  •      Individual agenda
         Business Meetings Area


    The speed-dating service will be available to Summit participants over the course of the day, and will ensure the optimum quality for meetings between circular economy stakeholders.

  • Organisers

    Pollutec         Grand Lyon

    Summit Partners

    ADEME OREE     Institut National de l'Economie Circulaire     CIRIDD     Eco-maires     ICLEI

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