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Innovations - 2018


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  • 100% digital radiation protection...

    Company:   ICOHUP - Stand 4P175

    The young company Icohup aims to develop pollution measuring instruments that are both high-performance and highly competitive. Their first solution, ...

  • A new step in the solution against...

    Company:   QISTA

    • 4-F100

    Qista continues to innovate in the eco-friendly battle against mosquitoes with Light BAM. Since 2014, the French company has offered a solution agains...

  • A true dual input 2-wire HART...


    • 5-E127

    Setting the benchmark for performance and flexibility, the new PR 5437 features a unique high-density 7-terminal design, providing the widest selectio...

  • Advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator

    Company:   STRADAL

    • 6-E46

    Manage runoff and capture storm water pollutants to comply with regulations and reduce damage to the environment. Solutions are designed for low-impac...

  • Air extracting hose from exhaust gas up...

    Company:   ABC FLEX

    • 5-A80

    After its PTFE made suction hose dedicated to chemical fumes and gas such as corrosive fumes of chlorhydric acid and sulfuric acid PTFE CONDUCT HYP 17...

  • An application oriented new generation...

    Company:   SUEZ

    • 4-J182

    The project "Digital Saint-Etienne" consists in the design, development and exploitation of a new generation of digital data platform. It will first b...

  • An energy savings performance contract...

    Company:   CLAUGER

    • 5-C121

    The ESPC is a commitment to energy savings in relation to the point of reference defined from the onset of the contract. It is a robust energy efficie...

  • Application for smart pumps in water...

    Company:   WEG FRANCE SAS

    • 6-J100

    Pumps, pipelines and fittings can get seriously damaged if pressure or flow are out of control. The Pump Genius is a customizable feature of Weg Drive...

  • Association de développement...

    Company:   NOUVEL'R

    • 4-G100,
    • G112

  • Automated access control to waste...

    Company:   STACKR

    • 2-Kb48

    Dedicated to local authorities, this solution relies on license plate recognition, without any tag, with a reading rate reaching almost 98%. It hence...

  • Automated flow cytometer for the...

    Company:   SIEMENS SAS

    • 5-F150

    BactoSense TCC or LDC authorizes the flow cytometric determination of total microbial cell count (TCC). It is based on online or manual operations tha...

  • Autonomous urban transport system...

    Company:   SUPRAWAYS

    • 4-K92

    Supraways is developing an autonomous, fast and high quality public transport mode. A light infrastructure supports cabins for passengers (7 to 9 pers...

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