Contexte économique

economic growth in 2017
A West African country with no access to the sea, Burkina Faso has an economy that is heavily reliant on agriculture – it is Africa's leading exporter of cotton, for example. This means adapting to climate change is a particular concern here, along with the development of renewable energy, including major solar power projects.

The country has experienced high levels of growth over the last two years (+5.9% in 2016 and +6.4% in 2017). Its cities are growing fast, including Bobo Dioulasso (+11% a year) and the capital Ouagadougou (+7.2% a year), and have to deal with the resulting problems: pollution, transport, healthcare, etc. In this context, over 1.7 million people have recently benefited from the Urban Water Sector Project conducted with the World Bank.

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