Bio air purifier indoor garden

Bio air purifier indoor garden

Ezeeplant has developed self-contained indoor mini-gardens and air purifier, for professionals or individuals. In exchange for a subscription, Ezeeplant ensures a very qualitative result by renewing the plantations four times a year. Also before each new season, the subscriber is invited to choose a composition among a range of plants produced within the network of horticulturist members. The closest of them ensures planting, sanitary control and on-site delivery. Since the presence of plants attracts the eye, the dressing of mini-gardens is important. This is why Ezeeplant also offers a range of metal, wood or composite made siding. Depending on the needs, users can harmonize the finish of the garden with their architectural context or even communicate on naturally attractive surfaces. Ezeeplant is aimed at users waiting for high-level results without constraints. The autonomy of the gardens is ensured by a connected system that adjusts the auxiliary LED lighting, follows the local growth conditions, including the presence of water and the phyto-purification cycle of the air. To achieve its objectives, Ezeeplant operates plants and animates a very diverse ecosystem, from digital to industry to bio-technologies. They prioritize local activity, short trips, especially for the quality of plants, the virtue of local economic circuits. All equipment and materials needed for services are either recycled, reused or recovered. Their research is entirely oriented towards the identification and duplication of natural principles useful to the simplification of the uses of the plant and on the best means of integrating them with the services

  1. Sectors of activities
    Air quality, odours, noise
    • Air quality, odours, noise
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in Europe
  3. Targeted market
    Administration and local authorities
  4. Date of market launch 01-01-2019

Contact Presse
Jean-Philippe MARTINET

Contact Technique
Jean-Philippe MARTINET

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