First French acrylic paint recycling channel

First French acrylic paint recycling channel

Based near Bordeaux, Circouleur, an innovative start-up, launched in 2017 the first acrylic paint recycling channel. It breaks the vicious circle of incineration of unused paint and extraction of new raw materials by integrating the circular economy into the heart of the painting sector. Thanks to this new channel, Circouleur manufactures new paints from funds of unused paint pots. Sorting, reformulation, manufacturing, quality control: all stages of the process are supervised by Circouleur, which allows it to guarantee premium quality, equivalent to other non-recycled professional paints. Circouleur professional paints are applicable in interior, on the usual supports of the building, and are declined in white and in 14 trendy colors. Made up of more than 70% recycled material, their carbon footprint is greatly reduced. They also guarantee better indoor air quality thanks to VOC emissions of less than 0.030 mg / m3 (well below the maximum threshold of 1 mg / m3 imposed by French regulations for the A + classification). The Circouleur project also integrates a social dimension: the sorting of paintings is done by people in professional reintegration. These new professions do not require prior skills, Circouleur supports the training and wishes to assign these positions to people today excluded from the professional world. The National Institute supporting the construction industry towards energy transition Nobatek/Inef4, has supported Circouleur to measure the VOCs emitted and carry out its life cycle analysis. Nobatek/Inef4 has also leaded a multicriteria analysis of the life cycle of paints in order to evaluate the exact benefits of this recycling channel on energy consumption, raw material consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Sectors of activities
    Recycling - Reuse - Matter and materials
    • Recycling - Recovery - Reuse
    Air quality, odours, noise
    • Air quality, odours, noise
    Institutions – Finance – Research – Training
    • Institutions – Finance – Research – Training
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in France
  3. Targeted market
    Building and construction
  4. Date of market launch 02-07-2018

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Marianne RITTAUD

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