Solution dedicated to composting and growing on site

Solution dedicated to composting and growing on site

Since 2011 UpCycle has developed, exploited and spread urban farming solutions based on circular economy projects. Unique enterprise growing more than one ton of oyster mushrooms on used coffee grounds, UpCycle is currently extending its activity, covering all type of organic waste. In 2018, UpCycle goes a step ahead and offers a unique solution, combining product + expertise. This solution has been crafted for any type of restaurants to compost locally and produce fresh organic vegetables. The product is the electro-mechanical composter Rocket of Tidy Planet (UK). The Rocket can compost any type of organic waste - green waste, food waste or manure, within two weeks, in hygienic conditions. It is coupled with the UpCycle’s six years of expertise in enriching poor grounds and soils using local compost. One Rocket 900 can compost up to 1,200 people’s daily food waste, and naturally fertilize 8,000 m² of grounds, producing 80 tons of fruits and vegetables /year, covering 100% of the restaurant’s annual needs in vegetables.

  1. Sectors of activities
    Waste management (processing / sorting / waste disposal)
    • Waste management (processing / sorting / waste disposal)
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in the world
  3. Targeted market
    Administration and local authorities
    Hospital and Health
  4. Date of market launch 01-07-2018

Contact Presse
Claire Hallé

Contact Technique
Arnaud Ulrich

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