Solution for monitoring trichloramine in swimming pools

Solution for monitoring trichloramine in swimming pools

Trichloramine is generated by the reaction of chlorine on proteins (scale, urine...) and may cause eye, skin, and respiratory irritation, or even asthma and rhinitis with prolonged exposure. Pool employees (especially lifeguards) are particularly exposed. Asthma and rhinitis are also recognized as occupational diseases by French decree 2003-110 of 11.02.2003. Ethera is one of the main French players involved in the R&D of innovative solutions for the measurement and elimination of chemical pollutants from indoor air in buildings (schools, offices, swimming pools ...). It launches a new and unique solution for monitoring trichloramine in swimming pools: NEMo TC. This solution allows to optimize ventilation to preserve the health and comfort of employees and users while saving energy. Based on its proprietary nanoporous materials technology, this tool uses NEMo logger and NEMo XT monitoring station analysis platforms on which is added a new trichloramine continuous measurement sensor. This result of more than three years of study, this new sensor was validated in real conditions. For this purpose, five prototypes were installed in several swimming pools in France for more than one year in order to validate the performances determined in Ethera’s laboratory and ensuring the reliability and robustness of both station and sensor in swimming pool environment (corrosive). This trichloramine continuous measurement sensor will be soon validated by a third party. NEMo TC is the only device in the world able to follow continuously and with a good specificity trichloramine levels in swimming pools’ air allowing their owners to control air quality in real time and thus to protect workers’ health (by punctually rising the ventilation flow for example). In addition to the protection of workers, this tool will allow ventilation cycles optimization allowing significant energy savings. NEMo TC will thus help to solve the socio-economic issues related to the management of swimming pools and other aquatic buildings.

  1. Sectors of activities
    Energy efficiency
    • Energy efficiency
    Instruments - Metrology - Analysis
    • Instruments - Metrology - Analysis
    Air quality, odours, noise
    • Air quality, odours, noise
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    in the world
  3. Targeted market
    Administration and local authorities
    Building and construction
  4. Date of market launch 02-07-2018

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