100% digital radiation protection instrument coupling activity measure, dosimetry and spectrometry

100% digital radiation protection instrument coupling activity measure, dosimetry and spectrometry

The young company Icohup aims to develop pollution measuring instruments that are both high-performance and highly competitive. Their first solution, Rium, is a radiation protection instrument capable of measuring activity (in cps) and dosimetry (in μSv / h) in real time and goes much further than standard radiameters or contaminameters. Indeed it is also able to provide spectrometric information. In addition to identifying the radioisotope(s), gamma spectrometry can provide a reliable dose rate by observing the deposited energy, unlike tools calibrated on a single radioelement. As a connected object, Rium collects and shares data in real time (wired or wireless) through a web and mobile platform with a dashboard, a radioactivity map, a geolocation, alerts... The goal is to enhance the people safety by reducing exposure with a powerful and easy-to-use device, by tracking the measurements (records and map) and by automating data processing in order to avoid manual and occasional measurements Strengths and benefits for waste treatment: - Activimeter / Dosimeter / Compact gamma spectrometer (118 x 78 x 31 mm), light (190 g) and competitive (590 € HT per unit) - Real-time data transmission and measurement tracking - Sensor geolocation (on trucks, on containers or on operators) - Easy-to-use and intuitive data visualization platform Possible applications: - Real-time measurement of the radioactive waste decay. Goal: to be able to precisely determine the level of radioactivity during isolation phase and to return the waste in treatment cycle if and only if the waste activity is below the regulatory threshold. - The source detection when loading in the dump truck during collection. Goal: Quick alert and avoid triggering gantries. - The source detection when a gantry at the entrance is triggered. Goal: Find and identify the source in a truck or in a dumpster.

  1. Sectors of activities
    Waste management (processing / sorting / waste disposal)
    • Waste management (processing / sorting / waste disposal)
    Instruments - Metrology - Analysis
    • Instruments - Metrology - Analysis
    Risks (industrial, natural, sanitary)
    • Risks (industrial, natural, sanitary)
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in the world
  3. Targeted market
    Administration and local authorities
    Hospital and Health
  4. Date of market launch 07-09-2018

Contact Presse
Billy Duchesne
06 40 33 64 55

Contact Technique
Gaël Patton
05 55 42 71 68

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