A new step in the solution against Tiger mosquitoes

A new step in the solution against Tiger mosquitoes

Qista continues to innovate in the eco-friendly battle against mosquitoes with Light BAM. Since 2014, the French company has offered a solution against the proliferation of Tiger mosquitoes (Qista trap). Since each female mosquito needs blood to ripen its eggs (and it can can lay up to 200 eggs in 48h), Qista traps simulate human breathing to attract female mosquitoes, using an olfactory lure and recycled CO2. This CO2 is gathered during the fermentation of cereals stored in silos or during industrial processes. Independent scientific studies show an 88% drop in mosquito bites over a 60 m radius around Qista traps. The new Light BAM is equipped with solar panels allowing for renewable energy in a large capacity battery: it is hence autonomous. In addition to its good functionalities and various activity sensors, this clean energy production can also be used for different devices near the Light Bam. Light BAM communicates remotely with a management center via telephone networks. The information collected by the various sensors is transmitted, processed and analyzed. Each Light BAM is geo-localized, keeps count of each mosquito captured in real time, and records surrounding weather data. In addition to atmospheric data, each device is remotely controllable. Light BAM is easy to maintain: a monthly check up from a technician is sufficient for the good use. Besides the data gathered by the devices, mosquito nets can be of scientific use, as they can be studied and analyzed to better understand the evolution of mosquito populations in a given territory. Lastly, mosquitoes are high in protein and can be recycled as a food base for birds and fish in territories protected by Qista.

  1. Sectors of activities
    • Waste to energy
    Risks (industrial, natural, sanitary)
    • Risks (industrial, natural, sanitary)
    Biodiversity and natural environments
    • Ecological engineering
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in France
  3. Targeted market
    Administration and local authorities
    Building and construction
    Hospital and Health
  4. Date of market launch 31-12-2018

Contact Presse
Pierre Bellagambi

Contact Technique
Pierre Bellagambi

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