Eco-efficient solution for biogas purification

Eco-efficient solution for biogas purification

As a result of ten years of R&D, Deltalys developed EcoLys, an eco-efficient solution for biogas purification based on the implementation of reliable, competitive and environmentally-friendly processes, combined with a recognized expertise in biogas quality knowledge. It relies on three founding principles: - production within Deltalys manufacturing premises of patented filtration medias from locally sourced renewables and industrial by-products, in a circular economy approach. - deployment of smart «plug & play» purification units in biogas production sites, ensuring an optimal biogas valorization. - an expertise in biogas quality and a close and continuous support to our customers over time. EcoLys is suitable for all types of biogas (landfill site, waste water treatment plant, industrial and agricultural anaerobic digestion unit) and offers significant benefits for our customers, producers and operators of biogas valorization units: - Competitive with stable and predictable prices over time - Reliable and reassuring turnkey solution without any specific investment - Footprint reduction of the purification stage between 50 % and 70 % compared with conventional solutions.

  1. Sectors of activities
    Recycling - Reuse - Matter and materials
    • Recycling - Recovery - Reuse
    • Renewable energy
    • Waste to energy
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in France
  3. Targeted market
  4. Date of market launch 05-02-2018

Contact Presse
Nicolas ASTIER

Contact Technique
Nicolas ASTIER

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