Depolluting fabric based on the natural movement of the air

Depolluting fabric based on the natural movement of the air

theBreath is an innovative patented fabric designed to adsorb and disaggregate harmful particles present in the air (NOx,SOx,O3, IPA,VOC). This technology helps to fight domestic and atmospheric pollution caused by cars, heating systems and industrial emissions. It is the result of experimentation and development work by the company Anemotech S.r.l.: researchers developed the tissue after more than three years of study. The purification process of theBreath is entirely passive, because it uses the natural movement of the air, without additional power sources. theBreath is made of three levels that work in synergy: 1. Front level: Printable and antibacterial, it facilitates transpiration of the air. 2. Central level: A carbon cartridge which adsorbs, retains and breaks down the polluting molecules and bad odours. 3. Rear level: Printable and antibacterial. The air passes through the fabric mesh, where the heart of the technology, a core activated by nano-molecules, captures and breaks down the pollutants. The air then continues to move naturally, coming back into circulation cleaner and more breathable. TheBreath is highly effective in case of usage in indoor places such as houses, schools, offices, hospitals, and means of transport, as well as in outdoor places in our town. One sqm of theBreath fabric can purify an area of circa 30 sqm.

  1. Sectors of activities
    Air quality, odours, noise
    • Air quality, odours, noise
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in France
  3. Targeted market
  4. Date of market launch 08-01-2018

Contact Presse
Reginato Giulia

Contact Technique
Gianmarco Cammi
+39 3351330199

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