Treatment and energy recovery from industrial fumes

Treatment and energy recovery from industrial fumes

Starklab is a French SME created in 2011, working with a focus on sustainable development. The company designs and manufactures new solutions for energy efficiency and air quality. Based in the Hauts-de-France region, it employs 22 people. The Terraosave technology has been designed to treat industrial fumes: 2-in-1 condensation and flue gas cleaning system, it recovers both thermal energy and pollutants from gaseous emissions. The energy is transferred with a high rate of return in the boiler room or in a hot process, internal or external. Pollutants such as NOx, SOx, fine and ultra-fine particles are captured at unprecedented abatement rates on the market. By the recycling of thermal energy, Terraosave encourages industrialists to wash their fumes, because the savings of energy generally dampen the installation in less than three years. The compact and integrated format of the system makes it possible to address new as well as renovated installations. Terraosave has been the subject of several pilots firstly carried out to demonstrate its energy performances. At the end of 2017, it was tested in a waste incinerator in Dunkirk in order to quantify the yield of pollutants' capture: it has indeed reduced 97% of fine particles and 70% of NOx. The pollution is concentrated in water, then treated in the conventional circuits. Terraosave is the subject of many labels, including that of the MMA Foundation supported by the Academy of Technology, and in July 2018 Solar Impulse, in the frame of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. At a large scale, this solution is very virtuous for the environment: - In term of energy, Terraosave reduces fuel requirements in the industry, drastically increasing the energy efficiency of boiler rooms. The recycled thermal energy is clean, local, largely available and no longer emits CO2. - In terms of pollution and global warming, Terraosave captures gaseous pollutants before they degrade soils and water of the earth. The system also captures water vapor, a potential greenhouse gas and a source of increased rainfalls. Since 2018, Terraosave has been marketed as a fully bi-functional system for customers of plant boilers, incinerators, heating networks, agricultural dryers…

  1. Sectors of activities
    Energy efficiency
    • Energy efficiency
    Air quality, odours, noise
    • Air quality, odours, noise
  2. 1st presentation at Pollutec
    in the world
  3. Targeted market
    Administration and local authorities
  4. Date of market launch 22-01-2018

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