Pollutec Sea & Coastline

The land and sea environmental solutions show


December 1-4, 2020

Organized with Pollutec

The new event dedicated to environmental solutions which link the land and the sea

Created by Pollutec organisers to to meet the growing challenges of maritime activities, Pollutec Mer & Littoral will be an event at the heart of the show, a meeting and exhibition venue within Pollutec.

Pollutec Sea & Coastline will provide businesses, industry players and local authorities with a range of eco-efficient solutions (equipment, technologists, innovations, services) to help them reduce their environmental impact, limit and prevent the alarmingly accelerated deterioration of marine and coastal habitats, and adapt their development strategy & resilience.

The area will offer them a choice of eco-efficient solutions to reduce their environmental impact and limit the accelerated and alarming degradation of the natural environments on which they depend.

Share of wastes are in the maritime pollution
Share of maritime wastes which come from the land
Share of world's population which live within 100km of the coastline

Exhibition sectors

The space is open to environmental, business, institutional and civil society actors developing a know-how, an expertise, a solution or a project integrating into a coastal territory with a huge impact on the marine environment.

- Tools for monitoring and modelling bathing water quality

- Detection and treatment of accidental marine pollution (clean-up and emergency operations)

- Prevention and treatment of diffuse aquatic/marine pollution, macro and micro-waste (plastics, effluent, debris carried to the sea by waterways, etc.)

- Maintenance and clean-up of beaches, ports and coastal waters

- Management and recovery/recycling of collected marine waste and algae

- Monitoring tools (drones, sensors and digital systems)

- Impact analysis of works and business activities

- Environmental and species renaturing and regeneration solutions (ecological engineering)

- Climatic risk prevention and management – flooding, submersion and erosion – (warning systems and forecasting & planning tools)

- Coastal protection solutions (seawalls, groynes, breakwaters, etc.)

- Port activities (water and waste treatment, dry docks, electrification of dockland and port infrastructure, tourist areas, etc.)

- Alternative methods of powering ships and boats (less polluting or recycled fuels, hydrogen propulsion, traction kites, micro water and wind turbines, etc.)

 - Onboard systems to reduce fuel consumption of ships and boats

-  Shipbuilding and ship-breaking (ship ecodesign, end-of-life, recycling, etc.)

- Eco-products, boat maintenance and upkeep services (anti-fouling paints, maintenance work, etc.)

- Treatment of ballast water and other effluents – autonomous onboard systems

- Thermal/marine energy

- Seawater desalination

- Raw materials

    • Management and recovery of co-products from the sea and fishing     activities (marine leathers, shells, sails and nets, etc.)

    • Recovery of marine sediments

    • Sustainable aquaculture, algae and micro-algae, marine biotechnology

Promoting green and blue growth

Pollutec is the leading European event offering the broadest range of environmental solutions under one roof. The show covers all sectors and associated specialisms as part of a holistic approach to promoting ecological transition and green growth. Starting at Pollutec 2020, we are launching a new event dedicated to solutions for the sea and coastline, with the aim of consolidating an offer focused on developing a sustainable marine economy.

Estimated Coastal Clean-up Costs in Europe
Annual financial impact of plastic pollution on Asia-Pacific fisheries and tourism
Coastal megapoloses essential to global growth located along the coastline

Pollutec Sea & Coastline: a specific challenge with identifiable problems at Pollutec for over 20 years


Focus on the treatment of marine pollution following the ERIKA oil spill: managing the risks associated with oil spills and the various forms of discharge into the sea



Setting up the first themed village showcasing the solutions proposed by different sectors



Focus on coastal development and guest appearance by the Conservatoire du Littoral



The question of restoring natural marine and coastal environments goes hand-in-hand with pollution issues



Creation of a permanent “Sea & Coastline Forum” with an increasingly broad and diversified programme (including plastic pollution, environmental monitoring, climate risks, the land-sea relationship, port development and preserving biodiversity & ecosystems)



New edition of Sea and Coastline Forum, with more people. Welcoming of the « Oceans Plastifié »" exhibition by Expedition Med team and Energy Observer team, The SeaCleaners, Expedition 7th Continent, Iodysseus Plastic Odyssey.



Launch of Pollutec Sea & Coastline with Pollutec event from December, 1 to December 4

A committed partners network

For 20 years, Pollutec keeps consolidating a community of committed stakeholders to play a central role in analysing, supporting and transforming economic and human activities. This network aims at helping and turning human and economical activities into maritime and costal areas.


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