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Circular Economy 2018

  • International Summit for Cities & Regions driving the Circular Economy

    Wednesday November 28 2018 in Lyon, France

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  • Though still at experimentation stages, circular economy* is motivating local leaders to adopt new strategies to achieve wider policy goals and solve a variety of economic, environmental and social contemporary problems (climate change, increased inequalities, urban liveability challenges, budget constraints ...).

    *Circular economy means “moving from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ to a circular approach to dramatically reduce the current pressure on our natural resources, maintain products, materials and resources in the economy for as long as possible, and minimise the generation of waste”.

  • Summit introduction & background

    Bolstering circular urban agenda and strategies

    At the heart of creativity, innovation and growth, cities play a central role as engines of the global economy, accounting for 85% of global GDP generation. Cities are also aggregators of materials and nutrients, accounting for 75% of natural resource consumption, 50% of global waste production, and 60- 80% of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 75%
    of natural resources consumption
    of global waste production
    of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Hence, by their inherent circular and central situation, cities are uniquely positioned to drive a global transition towards a circular economy, with their high concentration of resources, capital, data, and talent over a specific geography, and could greatly benefit from the outcomes of such a transition.

    This transition will enable all stakeholders, public and private practitioners, policy-makers, regulators and communities to collaborate and redesign urban governance for implementing and ultimately delivering circular local strategies through operational projects.

  • Summit objectives

    Focusing on circularity actionable drivers and projects

    Cities and local authorities must act as enablers through economic development, urban planning, and innovation policies; they must effectively coordinate civil society and the private sector in the implementation of measures relating to waste and materials, energy, water, land and natural ecosystems impacting urban infrastructures, the built environment, and the mobility system; and they must embrace the strong influence of digital technology as a powerful support to the circular and sustainable transition.

  • Summit Agenda

    Cities Summit Day 1 Agenda

    Cities Summit Day 2 Agenda

    Plenary sessions
    Plenary sessions will welcome mayors and key officials’ speeches, keynotes and panels.

    Workshops will enable projects holders, at operational scales, to develop implementation plans, ideas and strategies on themed experiments (waste management, water-energy nexus, remanufacturing, sharing services...).

    City-Entreprise speed-dating
    City-Entreprise speed-dating will be a privileged framework for city/locality officials to meet with companies on specific projects developments and highlight of equipment and technology potentials into circularity.

  • Organisers

    Pollutec         Grand Lyon

    Summit Partners

    ADEME OREE     Institut National de l'Economie Circulaire     CIRIDD     Eco-maires

  • International Summit for Cities & Regions driving the Circular Economy

    Wednesday November 28 2018 in Lyon, France

    Call for expression of interest

    Register your interest

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