27th > 30th November 2018 LYON Eurexpo

28th international exhibition of environmental equipment
technologies and services

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EXHIBITION SECTORS Waste and exploitation of materials

The waste and materials exploitation sector brings together specialists in equipment, processes and services for the management and processing of waste ranging from collection vehicles to mechanical-biological treatment (MBT).

Who visits the sector ? Professionals in the environment sector, Local authorities


Solutions in the sector

Waste and exploitation of materials
Industrial waste, organic waste, dangerous waste, biomass, treatment and disposal of infectious medical waste...

Collection vehicles
Display of equipments such as waste collection vehicle builders, bin lifts, container weighing systems and manufacturers of hgv chassis.

Cleaning - water cleansing
Specialists in municipal, industrial and sewer cleaning: street sweepers, water cleansing lorries, high pressure cleaners…

Innovations highlighted

Waste innovations being previewed at the show include:
♦ New collection system involving virtual reality
♦ Smart containers

Themed spaces

Waste Conference Forum

This forum hosts a series of lectures that will offer you a survey of current developments in the sector.
What is unique about this forum is that it addresses problems from upstream right down to the exploitation of waste.

Major themes :
♦ The various categories of waste (plastics, organic, precious metals, …)
♦ The circular economy
♦ Overall waste management solutions,...

Hall 2 - Aisle B - Stand 142

Recycling Village

In partnership with FEDEREC
The village brings together those involved in recycling in an exhibition space that will also host a conference programme tackling challenges and development prospects for the various recycling industries.

Major themes :
♦ Catalysts and brakes on innovation in recycling
♦ Various categories of waste (solid, site waste, WEEE, paper)
♦ The circular economy
♦ Ocean
♦ Environmental externalities and benefits
♦ Measuring actual impacts in reducing CO2 emissions...

Hall 3 - Aisle C - Stand 232

Circular Economy – Site Waste Inno Spot

In partnership with the SRBTP
The village will bring together those involved in this field and will highlight solutions for the treatment of site waste.
Themed lectures will also be given in this space.

Hall 4 - Aisle F - Stand 252