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International opportunities Vietnam, Country of the year

Vietnam is showing remarkable economic vigour and is one of the ‘Next Eleven’ (the 11 countries with the greatest potential after the BRICS). It is also the fifth most exposed country to climate risks. Rising sea levels, erosion, drought and increasing salinity in the Mekong delta in particular, as well as increasingly violent monsoons are all facts of life that have led the local authorities to adopt climate adaptation strategies.

By making it country of the year, Pollutec is presenting the economic opportunities of environment and energy projects in a promising market.

spotlight on vietnam

The Vietnamese authorities are working to use this special initiative to present you with the economic opportunities of environment and energy projects in this promising market.

Lectures and interviews are also planned.

Major themes:
♦ Management of drinking, agricultural and industrial water (pollution, rising salinity, drought)
♦ Management of domestic and industrial waste
♦ Energy (exploitation of waste for energy, renewables)
♦ Instrumentation - metrology
♦ Soils: urban development / agriculture


Solution providers (manufacturers, economic representatives and environment professionals) who want to meet:
♦ National institutions (Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Science and Technology)
♦ Representatives of Vietnamese provinces and Ho-Chi-Minh City
♦ Vietnamese companies and manufacturers


Vietnamese agriculture accounts for more than 18% of the country’s GDP and involves almost half of its active population. The country is therefore investing in the exploitation of the by-products of agriculture, sylviculture, fisheries and aquaculture for materials and energy (methane generation,…). Drought but also increasingly saline soils and groundwater have recently struck several regions and require solutions involving irrigation and the adaptation of crops.

Stricter and stricter regulations are being imposed on manufacturers to introduce mechanisms for monitoring and managing the discharge and emission of substances into the water, air and soil.

Finally galloping urbanization (45% will live in cities in 2020 compared with 20% in 2012) and the development of tourism mean that it is essential to invest in infrastructure for the collection and processing of waste, the supply of drinking water and sewerage.

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