27th > 30th November 2018 LYON Eurexpo

28th international exhibition of environmental equipment
technologies and services

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INNOVATION Spots inno'


The environment trades never stop innovating, and so for the first time this year Pollutec will be organizing dedicated spaces in each of the exhibition’s sectors where technical and technological innovation will take centre stage.

The spaces will be shared by those involved in the sector in question and will feature presentations that are tailored to its know-how: fab lab, product demonstrations, start-up islands…


The Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea is working to coordinate environmental innovation stakeholders by bringing the following together in this space:

The Ecotech Network
Network of competitiveness clusters with expertise and skills in a particular field: green chemistry, water, cities...

Satellite services and data
Organizations involved in space are coming together to democratize satellite information. Thanks to a web of digital start-ups there are numerous areas for strategic applications: the sustainable city, risks and the monitoring of marine environments and coastlines.

The goal of the GreenTech initiative is to bring forward entrepreneurs developing products and services to speed up the energy transition.

End of life vehicles and exploiting materials

This unique event is a world first and focuses on the current state of and innovation in this industry. It involves numerous companies and organizations who want to present and highlight the actions of the various stakeholders, their roles and how they are interlinked:

♦ Review of regulations and presentation of the properly approved, legal industry

♦ Obligations of the scrap vehicle yard and, in particular, the setting up of a pollution control facility

Scrap vehicles present a major challenge in terms of the environment: an entire ecosystem of stakeholders and industries is involved (reuse, recycling, exploitation of materials and energy and the elimination of dangerous waste…) from conception to upkeep and the exploitation of a scrap vehicle as a resource.

Future Industry : Mechanics Start-up

The FIM, CETIM, CISMA, Uniclima and the CETIAT are manning a joint stand in order to highlight the industry of the future. They are offering a start-up space to provide little known companies with an opportunity to present innovative environment projects and flash conferences in response to manufacturers’ questions.

Major themes
♦ Treatment of steel plant waste
♦ Washing water from concrete mixing plants
♦ Effluent waste
♦ Mechanical engineering waste,…

Circular Economy – Site Waste

In partnership with the SRBTP
The village will bring together those involved in this field and will highlight solutions for the treatment of site waste.
Themed lectures will also be given in this space.

Already scheduled:

Start up Islands

- Energy and Climate,
- New generation of air and odour analysis
- Waer bioanalysis and control