27th > 30th November 2018 LYON Eurexpo

28th international exhibition of environmental equipment
technologies and services

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Organised around a partner federation, the villages and hubs bring together a host of companies specialised in the same field in one exhibition area.

Where? The villages and expertise clusters are spread over various exhibition sectors

2016 Villages*

* List of villages announced on 10/11/2016


In partnership with FEDEREC
The village brings together those involved in recycling in an exhibition space that will also host a conference programme tackling challenges and development prospects for the various recycling industries.

Major themes:
♦ Innovations in recycling (solid, site waste, WEEE, paper)
♦ Wastes in ocean
♦ Circular economy
♦ Environmental externalities and benefits
♦ Measuring actual impacts in reducing CO2 emissions...

Hall 3 - Aisle C - Stand 232


In partnership with UIE
The village will bring together companies involved in the water cycle from capture to discharge into the natural environment. The space will also host themed lectures, the ‘water meetings’, which will deal with technical and political topics linked to the industry’s current challenges.

Major themes:
♦ Off-mains sanitation
♦ Rainwater recovery
♦ Public contract reform, ...

Hall 6 - Aisle B - Stand 88


In partnership with Le Club Biogaz of ATEE and Biogaz Vallée
Biogas is 10-years old this year, and to celebrate the Village is offering you a survey of advances in an industry of the future by bringing together all those involved in this industry in one place and by hosting a conference programme.

Major themes:
♦ Progress report for the industry
♦ Methane generation facilities
♦ 10 years old of biogas, ...

Hall 4 - Aisle T - Stand 209


In partnership with Réso A+
Asbestos removal experts offer you a survey of the regulations and of the removal industry. There is also a dedicated skills cluster.

♦ Dealing with asbestos
♦ Regulations
♦ Risk management, …

Hall 4 - Aisle D - Stand 269


In partnership with France Sans Tranchés Technologies (FSTT – Trench-free technologies France)
Inspection products and services and the rehabilitation of existing networks.

♦ Trench-free techniques for network refurbishment
♦ Use of inspection tools
♦ ORFEUS European project, ….

Hall 6 - Aisle K - Stand 3


In partnership with the UPDS
Experts will use the conference space to present current technical and regulatory developments in soil remediation and feedback from a range of projects.

Major themes:
♦ Polluted industrial sites & local authorities
♦ Remediation techniques for specific or mixed pollutants (mercury, heavy metal, hydrocarbons, tetrachloroethylene, etc.)
♦ Phasing of remediation projects, ...

Hall 4 - Aisle B - Stand 210


Coordinated by the UPGE, A-IGEco, ASTEE, ...
The village brings together water and sewerage operators and presents a conference programme focusing on current developments and opportunities in this industry of the future.

Major themes:
♦ Biodiversity law
♦ Organization and financing of ecological engineering projects
♦ Biodiversity Agency
♦ New ecological engineering markets
♦ Export prospects, ...

Hall 4 - Aisle H - Stand 190

Aquatic environments and coastline

This new village is hosting lectures dealing with the problems of preserving aquatic and coastal environments in order to coordinate the full range of public and private sector organizations.

Major themes:
♦ Management of marine projects
♦ Environmental monitoring
♦ Local action in partnership with companies
♦ Recycling and retention of waste at source, ...

Hall 5 - Allée C - Stand 108