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Awards and Trophies Circular economy awards

Organized by the Circular Economy Institute, the aim of this competition is to provide recognition for innovative actions or initiatives that set an example for the circular economy and to promote those organizations that are driving forward the transition.


An Association Award: Idée Alsace
Idée Alsace, for its promotion and guidance of specific circular economy and product-service system approaches over the Grand Est region

A Local Authority Award: Region of Brittany
The region of Brittany for its strategy to promote the circular economy across its territory through 8 pilot projects

A Circular Company Award: Stimergy
Stimergy, for its digital boiler, which exploits the heat from data centres

A Company in Transition Award: Groupe SEB
Groupe SEB, for guaranteeing that its products will be repairable for 10 years

Training Award: Conseil National des Professionnels de l’Automobile
Conseil National des Professionnels de l’Automobile [National council of motor vehicle professionals], for its OMSA diploma in the recycling and exploitation of scrap vehicles

A New Technology Award: Co-Recyclage
Co-Recyclage, for combatting wastage through re-use thanks to digital technology

Jury’s Favourite: Morphosis
Morphosis, for its unit to refine and transform precious metals from WEEE