27th > 30th November 2018 LYON Eurexpo

28th international exhibition of environmental equipment
technologies and services

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Exhibition offers Sponsorship

You want to make a statement at this Pollutec and confirm your position as a leader.
Put together your ideal sponsorship package:
€32,000 excl. VAT

Ensure your brand achieves maximum visibility at the show

Choose 1 among* :
• Brand the VIP Club or a Conference Space, (logo on high level sign
+ your communication displayed in the space)
• 60,000 lanyards and badge holders (products supplied by the advertiser)
• 30,000 bags distributed (products supplied by the advertiser)

Highlight your brand using the Web and Mobile channels

Choose 1 among *:
• Ad on the homepage on www.pollutec.com
• Megabanner on all pages of the www.pollutec.com web site
(excluding home page + Exhibitor portal)
• Megabanner on the home page of www.pollutec.com

Maximize contact generation

Choose 1 among *:
• Banner on the electronic badge, immediate display (80,000 badge requests)
• Banner on the electronic badge mailing 5 days before the show
• Emailing to 10,000 pre-registered visitors

The + for all sponsors :

1 large panel slung over the “Place des lumières”

Contact us for other sponsorship possibilities.
*(subject to availability).