27th > 30th November 2018 LYON Eurexpo

28th international exhibition of environmental equipment
technologies and services

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B2B meetings space

This space is the venue for meetings between African delegations and professionals with an interest in the continent.

Come and find people from ministries, cities, companies, associations, professional organizations and economic representatives from several African countries:

♦ South Africa
♦ Burkina Faso
♦ Cameroon
♦ Ivory Coast
♦ Gabon
♦ Guinée Conakry
♦ Kenya
♦ Senegal

Conferences programme

The space is hosting a dedicated and themed conference programme running over 4 days focusing on sub-Saharan Africa:
♦ Emerging markets in Africa: water, urban development, biodiversity, energy
♦ Feedback from African companies
♦ Challenges and projects in the following countries: Kenya, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Congo, Cameroon
♦ Finance



Tuesday 29th November
♦ Methodology and optimization tools for the treatment and distribution of drinking water [More about]
♦ Territorial development: food independence and COP22 undertakings [More about]

Wednesday 30th November
♦ Presentation of Pollutec’s international shows [More about]
♦ Environmental management of ports [More about]
♦ Agro-urbanism, biodiversity, urban and green spaces [More about]
♦ International ecological engineering [More about]

Friday 2nd December
♦ An international observatory for innovative infrastructure to speed up the environmental transition of the market [More about]

Broadcasts on TV stage

Thursday 1st December
♦ Environment Planet” special broadcast »
Global green growth makes a date with Africa [More about]

Friday 2nd December
♦ Environment Planet” special broadcast »
Public development aid and international market opportunities